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  ->   blondes  Those dumb blondes, always making fools of themselves.
  ->   business  Hilarious jokes related to the big businesses we all know, and every aspect of business
  ->   computers  How did computer nerds ever get such a bad reputation with the ladies?
  ->   dirty  Kids, get your parents' permission before you check these out.
  ->   gender  It's an all-out war of the sexes.
  ->   general  Just looking for any old joke? Look in here.
  ->   lawyers  Ever notice how much people seem to hate lawyers? These jokes reflect that feeling.
  ->   redneck  Hope we don't get in trouble for these... Oh yeah, rednecks don't use computers. Phew!
  ->   yomamma  Your momma is so fat, ugly, stupid, old...
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