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A man takes his dog to the vet claiming the dog is listless and sick. The vet examines the dog and says 'Your animal's fine, just a bit tired, feed him vitamins.' The man insists that can't be it, and presses the vet for a better workup. The vet takes a cat, puts it in front of the dog; no reaction; puts it in back of the dog; no reaction. The vet says again 'your dog needs this vitamin program to restore his vitality.' The man gets the bill, and it's $500. He complains 'What's this for?' The vet says '$50 for the office visit, $20 for the vitamins, and $430 for the catscan.' Random joke in this category
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Captain Frizzle S. Mutt Speedy
Thaddeus Guy Spiffy Longhopper I. Dogalot
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