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This man gets in a horrible accident, and loses both of his ears. Because of the accident, he receives a large sum of money from the insurance company. It was always his dream to own his own business, so he buys a computer firm. But, since he has no business knowledge at all, he decides to hire someone to run the business. He picks out three top candidates, and interviews each of them. The first interview was going fairly well, until the last question, "Do you notice anything unusual about me?" The guy says, "Now that you mention it, you have no ears." Being very self conscious about his ears, the man gets really upset and throws the guy out. The second guy comes in, and the interview starts off very well. Again, to conclude the interview, the man asks, "Do you notice anything unusual about me?" This guy also notices, "Yes, you have no ears." The man becomes really upset again, and throws the second candidate out. The third candidate comes in, and is even better than the second. Almost certain that he wants to hire this guy, the man once again asks, "Do you notice anything unusual about me?" The guy replies, "Yeah, you're wearing contact lenses." Surprised, the man says, "Wow! That's quite perceptive of you! How could you tell?" The guy bursts out laughing and says, "Well, you can't wear glasses if you don't have any ears!" Random joke in this category
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