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  ->   animals  Cute, fuzzy, and spectacular, these postcards are perfect for the animal lover.
  ->   beaches  Ah, life is relaxing on a sandy beach under the warm sun.
  ->   flowers  Your loved ones always love to get flowers, in real form and online.
  ->   forest  These forest scenes will make you want to go find those hiking boots.
  ->   mountains  People who love the outdoors can't get over the awesome beauty of nature's mountains.
  ->   other  Other neat stuff.
  ->   sunsets  Did you miss that really nice sunset the other day? Make up for it here.
  ->   water  Water covers most of the earth, so how could we leave it out?
  ->   winter  Brrr... just looking at these makes me shiver.
Scenic Postcards
  •   Scenic postcards, complete with a random stamp! Each category contains related postcards. Just add your message, and your recipient will love today's version of this classic form of greeting. To begin, choose a category. From there, you can choose a specific postcard :)  
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