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There were two blondes and a brunette doing construction work on a road. The two blondes were down in the man hole digging, while the brunette was up on the road holding a road construction sign. One of the blondes asked the other "Why do we have to do all the work, while she gets to just stand up there and hold the sign?" So the other blonde said "I'll go ask her." So she went to ask, and the brunette replied "Well, it all has to do with intelligence." The blonde said, "Intelligence? What's that?" So the brunette went over to a tree and put her hand in front of it. "See this tree? See my hand? Try to hit my hand as hard as you can." So the blonde said "Well, ok," and before she could hit it, the brunette moved her hand out of the way, and the blonde hit the tree. The blonde said, "Okay, I think I get it now," and went back down the manhole. The other blonde said, "Well? What did she say?" The first blonde replied, "Well,it all has to do with intelligence." "Intelligence? What's that?" "Well,I'll show you. I'll put my hand in front of my face and you try to hit it as hard as you can"... Random joke in this category
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