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Famous Birthdays Powered by UniqueGreetingsTM
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  •  The Categories
->   January  Mel Gibson, Howard Stern, Jim Carrey...
->   February  Babe Ruth, Leslie Nielsen, Galileo Galilei...
->   March  Ed McMahon, Albert Einstein, Bruce Willis...
->   April  Dana Carvey, John Madden, David Letterman...
->   May  Billy Joel, Katharine Hepburn, Bob Dylan...
->   June  Michael J. Fox, Joe Montana, Mel Brooks...
->   July  Tom Cruise, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams...
->   August  Martha Stewart, Neil Armstrong, Dustin Hoffman...
->   September  Jimmy Connors, Adam Sandler, Bill Murray...
->   October  Groucho Marx, Mahatma Gandhi, Mickey Mantle...
->   November  Carl Sagan, Whoopi Goldberg, Jodie Foster...
->   December  Walt Disney, Emily Dickinson, Frank Sinatra...
Famous Birthdays
  •   Cool greeting cards to send someone on their birthday! It's also fun to see what famous people were born each day. To begin, select the month you want, or click below to see who was born today :)  
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Famous Birthdays Greeting Cards